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Four petty “mini-interviews” with four great volleyball personalities

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Vladimir Alekno - Head Coach – Russia                                                  during the first training in the KV Arena Hall

My first impressions from Karlovy Vary? One splendour. A gorgeous city, the people very friendly. And surprisingly many Russian citizens among  them. But no surprise. When travelling abroad I have been founding Russians all over the world. A great nation, you know.

How am I founding the KV Arena? Very  pretty. Of course, it has been constructed mainly for ice- hockey. You recognize it mainly upon the particular character of illumination. Lighting is pointed at the lower part of the space. But never mind. We are used to it, like at home we play in many time a very similar setting and conditions .We are very satisfied  here.

My expectations concerning the championship? An attractive game, many tough matches. But to forsee? Let´s see later after the first matches.

Regarding the contemporary volleyball, it is attractive, popular, physically and technically demanding. Physics is prevailing. In the future it will probably require some modifications of rules concerning the game flow. To prolong the rallies a bit and to help the defence. Something like limiting the passing the line when spiking or serving. But it will take time and a very prudent reasoning.


Avo KEEL – Head coach – Estonia

To be sincere we didn’t have too much time up to now to admire the beauties of your country even though we have heard much about it. I hope we will make up for  it later on. At the moment our first  task is to represent our country well . And this championship is an option and a great challenge. Our target is to reach the play – off. Difficult for us but not impossible. Our competitors are strong. Mainly Russia. Your team is playing at home. And Portugal has gained a good and particular experience in the World League. It will be a battle.

As far as the KV Arena Hall where we have to play our matches I find it excellent for this event. We are looking forward to our matches there.

Contemporary volleyball means power. Much strenght.  And we did much for it. We will see.


Juan Diaz Marino -  Head Coach – Portugal

My first impression about your country is gorgeous. Your countryside, your historical cities. I like it. Like in Portugal. Not too different. To be sincere, you know, my native country is Cuba. There I was  born, there I was growing up like a boy and like a volleyball player as well. Now as pokies casino the national coach   I feel myself half Portuguese. By hard.

In Karlovy Vary we are feeling very well, our hotel is excellent and this sports hall very impressive. Six thousand seats, six thousand volleyball fans . May be. I am looking forward to them.

The modern volleyball play is a very dynamic one. Explosive power is the base of all. That’s  what we are. But also much and extreme psychological concentration is needed .  That is one of the first/rate demands of our sports discipline. It is not so natural and must be cultivated. From the youth. The contemporary volleyball is a lovely game. Indeed.


Peter Platenik  - Czech National Team Player

I am convinced that the decision to play in KV Arena has been a good adequate and wise choice. We will be near our spectators and they will stay near to us. This support can be a very important player on our side .We are not quite the favourits of our group but I trust very much in our players as well in a special way of our teams preparation. Work and rest. Extremely important is the ratio between them. And we obtained sufficient time to relax after the season. About one and half month . However, we have passed also through a very intensive phase of hard physical preparation including the three weeks of a very sophisticated special power training conducted by one excellent Italian instructor.

We liked it. The team is quite young but well motivated. Even though they have not played the World League yet, we obtained the possibility to meet several very strong teams. Two times Italy. Then, Bulgaria and Poland. And we were more than only dignified partners. I feel that the sport shape has been raising. We must hope it will come to the top in a right time.

In each case we all will fight and make our best. Believe me.